The Nordic Council

The Nordic Council is the body of parliamentarians. The basis of the Nordic Council is the desire for a cooperational body of Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Åland and the Faroe Island’s parliamentarians (members of parliament and members of Inatsisartut).

There are 87 members of the Nordic Council. Elected members in a presidium of the Plenary Assembly consists of one delegation from each country, a presidium, a control committee, and an election committee.

There are 5 committees consisting of 13-15 popularly elected members:

- Committee for Knowledge and Culture
- Citizens' and Consumer Rights Committee
- Committee for a Sustainable Nordic Region
- Committee for Welfare
- Committee for Growth and Development

Greenland’s participation in the Nordic Council
Inatsisartut annually appoints 2 of its members to represent Greenland in the Nordic Council. Greenland participates in the Nordic Council's plenary assemblies (sessions) with complete voting rights and in the ongoing committee work.

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