International Arktisk Hub

International Arctic Hub is a secretariat established by the governments of Greenland and Denmark in 2020. The secretariat’s purpose is to enhance interdisciplinary international cooperation related to Arctic research, education and innovation in Greenland.

The International Arctic Hub platform will be an important link in building networks and partnerships between local, national and international researchers. Furthermore, its intention is to strengthen communication between national and international research and education and Greenlandic citizens, industry, political decision-makers and stakeholders and contribute to evidence-based sustainable development in Greenlandic communities.

International researchers or research institutions with interests in conducting research in Greenland or collaborating with Greenlandic peers or research institutions are welcome to contact the hub for further information.

The secretariat is located within the facilities of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources in Nuuk.

Contact information

Head of Secretariat
Anna-Sofie Skjervedal, PhD
+299 36 12 89