Department of Research at the Government of Greenland

Welcome to the Government of Greenland’s Research Unit.

The Research Unit is tasked with managing the Government’s research policies with the objective to strengthen the research efforts and cooperation in Greenland and the Arctic. The Unit also acts as a liaison between the research community and the relevant authorities by organizing and attending seminars and conferences.

The Research Unit coordinates information and actionable advice from the Greenland Research Council, research institutions, research environments and innovative entrepreneurial endeavors with the intention to formulate and update Naalakkersuisut’s and Inatsisartut’s visions and research policy initiatives.

The Research Unit contributes to the decision-making process regarding the Government’s research grant distribution, which is managed by the Greenlandic Research Council. The grant supports projects executed by researchers affiliated with Greenland’s research institutions.

The Research Unit furthermore conveys Greenlandic research to the public through publicly available resources.

Legal Basis – Political Objectives
Inatsisartut Act no 5 of November 29, 2013 on research consultancy and the granting of research funds:
The political objective of the Government of Greenland in the area of research is to promote and strengthen Greenlandic research anchored in Greenland for the benefit of Greenlandic society.
The objectives include:
  • Increasing the volume and quality of research activities, including researcher training
  • Coordination and prioritization of research efforts
  • Strengthening of Greenland's participation in international research cooperation
  • Strengthening of Greenland's participation in research cooperation within the national community
  • Strengthening of cooperation between public and private research
  • Increased use of research results and innovation in the Greenlandic society, including as a basis for commercialization
  • Increasing public accessibility to Greenlandic research