Management plans

The Government of Greenland works at an overall level to secure more efficient and stable fisheries management in Greenland, in order to ensure the best possible utilisation of the common fishery resources to the benefit of the entire Greenlandic community. Consequently, the Ministry of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture works to draw up management plans for all of the fisheries, both coastal and offshore.

Management plans:
Species  Area
Management plan 
Southwest and East Greenland  link Period of validity 2019-2021 
Greenland halibut, offshore     
West Greenland  Not available in English     
Period of validity 2018-2020 
Prawn  West Greenland   Not available in English Evaluated every third year, Next evaluation in 2020
Lumpfish  West Greenland  Not available in English Next re-evaluation in 2020 
Greenland halibut, coastal  West Greenland   Two-year Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) in operation 
Crabs, coastal     Under preparation