Fisheries Division

Fiskefartoej Within the Ministry of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture, the Fisheries Division is responsible for the management and development of tasks in relation to the Greenland fishing industry and the Licensing Unit, which handles coastal fishing licences and co-operates with the municipalities on the issuing of coastal fishing licences via the Aalipi system.

The Fisheries Division handles the day-to-day administration, management and implementation of Greenland’s fisheries policy. The department is responsible for drawing up quota recommendations and issuing fishing licences to both Greenlandic and foreign fishing companies and fishers. The preparation of management plans is also part of the division’s tasks, and is done in collaboration with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. The fishing industry is also consulted in the work.

The Fisheries Division is responsible for bilateral fisheries negotiations with other North Atlantic countries and the EU, and participates in coastal state negotiations on shared stocks and in a number of Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs) such as NAFO, NEAFC and NASCO, as well as in Nordic and Arctic co-operation.

As the work is done close to the political decision-makers, a large part of the division’s work consists of servicing the minister and following-up on the policy of the Government of Greenland in this area.
  • The Fisheries Division handles the following administrative areas:
  • Legislation, management and administration of national and international fisheries, including conservation and exploitation aspects, as well as management plans and experimental fisheries
  • Political service to the Minister for Fisheries and the Government of Greenland generally in relation to fisheries policy recommendations and questions, including contingencies, recommendations to the government, press relations, meetings and official visits
  • General tasks in relation to national and international fisheries policy, including the strategic, political and administrative development of fisheries
  • Management and administration of TACs and quotas
  • Secretariat function for the Fisheries Council and other tasks relating to councils, boards, working groups, committees and conferences across government bodies and internationally
  • Maintenance of Greenland’s international obligations in accordance with regional, bilateral and international conventions and agreements
  • Administration of Greenland’s membership of regional fisheries management organisations; NAFO, NEAFC, NASCO and Nordic co-operation, as well as Greenland’s coastal state commitments and negotiations
The Licensing Unit handles the following administrative areas:
  • Processing of licence applications and issuing of licences for coastal fisheries
  • Co-ordination with the municipalities in relation to Aalipi, which is a system used by the municipalities to issue licences
  • Processing of applications for dispensation
  • Processing of quota trades in relation to vessel quotas for coastal fishing for Greenland halibut


Fisheries Division               
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Licensing Unit
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