The Economic Council

The Economic Council is headed by a chairmanship of six people. This Chairmanship is composed of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and four Council members, all of whom are appointed by Naalakkersuisut.

In addition to the Chairmanship, the Economic Council comprises members from interest organisations, the Naalakkersuisut administration, and research institutions. Members representing organisations and research institutions are appointed by the organisations concerned. The other members are appointed by Naalakkersuisut.

See the list of members of the Chairmanship and the Economic Council in 2017

The members of the Council can submit comments on the content of this report, but the Chairmanship has sole responsibility for the final content.
The secretariat function for the Council is carried out jointly by the Ministry of Finance and Danmarks Nationalbank. The task of the Economic Council is to carry out regular assessments of economic trends and of the sustainability of Greenland’s economic policy.