Consultation (SIA and EIA reports) for the Ironbark application relevant for the exploitation of the zinc/lead occurrence at the Citronen Fjord

Project status Citronen Fjord




Pre-consultation for the Terms of Reference prior to decision of the content in the SIA and EIA reports.

Pre-consultation is not a requirement for this project, as work with the EIA and SIA reports was initiated prior to the requirement of pre-consultation being implemented in the Act on Mineral Resources on July 1st 2014.


Minimum eight weeks of public consultation of the EIA and SIA reports.


-          September 23rd – December 1st 2015.

Finalizing the White Paper.



Updated EIA and SIA reports.



Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA).


September 2016

Granting of the Exploitation Licence.


16th of December 2016

Consultation materials:
Ironbark Zinc Inc. is applying for an approval related to exploitation of a zinc/lead occurrence under exploration licence 2007/02 (Citronen Fjord).

Map: The Ironbark exploration licence no. 2007/02 is marked with a green square.

The consultation materials consist of the following documents (all in Greenlandic/Danish/English):
1. Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
2. Non-technical resumé of the SIA
3. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
4. Non-technical resumé of the EIA
5. Report on Investigation of Navigational Safety Issues

Ironbark has also published a reference reports. The SIA and EIA contains a link to the reference report which may also be found on the Ironbark website:

The purpose of the SIA is among other things to assess the project impact on society for the purposes of informing the authorities of all relevant information in order to set requirements in licences and approvals for the proposed project.

Another purpose is for the SIA to be the basis for the negotiation of an Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) between the Greenland Government, the municipality(ies) and the company.

The purpose of the EIA is among others to assess and describe the nature and the environment, including possible environmental impacts of the proposed project, and in line with the SIA, to inform the authorities of all relevant information in order to set requirements in licences and approvals for the proposed project.

Publication of the consultation materials at is not equal to approval of the consultation materials, including the SIA and EIA reports, by the Greenland Government. Such an approval will happen upon approval of the exploitation licence. The SIA and the EIA reports are therefore Ironbark`s assessment of the socioeconomic and environmental consequences of the project.

Consultation meetings:
During the consultation phase public consultation meetings will be conducted at the below mentioned locations. Citizens will be able to ask questions about the project and the consultation materials.

• Nuuk
• Ilulissat
• Kangerlussuaq
• Sisimiut

Special public meetings about the project will be arranged to take place in Tasiilaq and Qaanaaq in January 2016.

The dates for the meetings will be set by Naalakkersuisut in dialogue with Ironbark and will be published at the Greenland Government website and through local advertising.

Representatives from Ironbark (the company) and the Greenland Government will be present at the meetings.

Consultation deadline: January 4th 2016, 4.00 pm.

Consultation responses must be forwarded to the Mineral Licence and Safety Authority, Postbox 930, 3900 Nuuk or


Raw materials


Environmental Assessment


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