35 days pre-consultation of the Kuannersuit (Kvanefjeld) project in South Greenland

Project status Kuannersuit (Kvanefjeld)
















Notification of the project










24 August 2014





35 days public pre-consultation (Draft ToR for an EIA and Draft ToR for an SIA)










29 August - 6 October 2014





A minimum of 8 weeks of public consultation (Draft for an EIA Report and Draft for an SIA Report)















IBA agreement















Approval of the project.















Consultation responses submitted during the 35 days pre-consultation of the Kuannersuit (Kvanefjeld) project as well as the White Paper and the approved Terms of Reference (ToR) can be found at the bottom of the page


At the spring session 2014, the Parliament of Greenland decided to include a requirement in the Mineral Resources Act of a 35-day pre-consultation to be held. The pre-consultation is prior to the minimum 8-week public consultation period and must therefore be seen as a further supplement to this.

A pre-consultation has many purposes, but it must primarily ensure a meaningful involvement early in the process. By having a pre-consultation prior to the public consultation, it ensures that at an early stage in the project the companies make contact to the relevant stakeholders and authorities, including the relevant municipalities.

The process ensures that the alternative project proposals, ideas and clarifying questions are handled early in the process, so that considerations and specific proposals can be incorporated at an early stage in the process and thereby included as real alternatives to the original project proposal.


Raw materials


The pre-consultation is the official notification of a project, and can therefore be considered as a formal indication that the company wants a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process/consultation conducted. The notification is made by the company informing the competent authorities thereof, and attaching a minimum of Greenlandic and Danish versions in the form of a Draft Terms of Reference for an SIA and a Draft Terms of Reference for an EIA, which can be considered as extended project descriptions.

Project descriptions for the SIA and the EIA are submitted to a public pre-consultation on the Government of Greenland’s consultation portal for 35 days. Based on input from the pre-consultation, the company establishes the final content of the Terms of Reference (ToR) and in the later SIA and EIA reports. Consultation responses received will be sent to the company, and it is the company’s duty to include input from the consultation responses in further work with the SIA and the EIA reports.

Consultation responses submitted during pre-consultation must, on an equal footing with the consultation responses in the 8-week public consultation process, be included in a white paper, which the company subsequently draws up. A white paper is a document containing all consultation comments, answers to these and a notice about how relevant comments and suggestions will be incorporated in the final version of the SIA and the EIA material.

A physical version of the consultation documents can be read at the library in Nuuk, Qaqortoq, Narsaq and Nanortalik, or can be obtained by contacting the Mineral Licence and Safety Authority, Imaneq 1A 201 (Center), P.O. Box 930, 3900 Nuuk.


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