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Back ground
On March 25 2001 Denmark entered into the Schengen partnership. The Schengen partnership is a co-operation between several European countries about creating a region without personal ID checks at borders between the Schengen countries. The purpose of the Schengen partnership is to admit unrestricted travel within the Schengen region. And secondly, to establish a strengthened partnership for combating cross-border criminality and illegal immigration.

All EU nations except Great Britain and Ireland are members of the Schengen partnership. Norway and Iceland are not members of the EU, but are participating in the co-operation.

Greenland and the Faroe Islands are not members of the EU, so these parts of the Danish Kingdom are not subject to the regulations that apply between the Schengen nations. It appears in paragraph 5, number 1 in Denmarks instrument of accession to the Schengen convention that the Faroe Islands and Greenland are not subject to the regulations.

However, in the Schengen agreement, paragraph 5, number 2, it is decided that people traveling between, Greenland and Faroe Islands, and Norway and Iceland, both countries in the Schengen partnership, will not have their passports checked when entering another country.

These regulations are due to a special agreement because Greenland and Faroe Islands on one hand are not members of the European Union, but on the other hand are included in the travel solution within the framework of the Nordic Passport Union. Due to this agreement, Nordic citizens can travel the Nordic countries crossing approved border districts without carrying and having their passport checked. Other citizens can also travel between the Nordic countries borders without having their passport checked, but these citizens have to carry passport or another kind of approved travel identification papers.

The consequences:

  • Danish citizens travelling to Greenland from Denmark will not have their passports checked.
  • Citizens from a country joined in the Nordic Passport Union travelling to Greenland from the Nordic countries will not have their passports checked (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland).
  • Citizens from countries joined in the Schengen agreement travelling to Greenland from a Schengen country will not have their passport checked (all EU countries, except Ireland and England, but including Norway and Iceland).

Please note that valid travel identification papers must be presented which in general means that citizens from a Schengen country has to prove their citizenship. This, for many countries, means they have to show their passport.

A citizen from a country which is not joined in the above-mentioned agreements must present their passports and sometimes also a visa. If the person in question needs a visa for traveling in Denmark, the person will also need a visa for Greenland. A visa for Denmark does not automatically also apply for Greenland and a separate visa has to be obtained. The application can be sent to any Danish representation offices in the world and will be subject to the same procedure as a request for a visa to Denmark.

People with residence permit to Denmark do not automatically have the right to travel to and stay in Greenland. a special permit is needed for this.

The regulations that apply to the import of medicines between the Schengen countries also apply to Greenland, due to the aforementioned special agreement.

Ordinary medicines such as headache pills, arthritis medication, cough mixture etc. for personal consumption can be freely brought into Greenland by travellers.

Medicines containing euphoriants may only be brought in by travellers if a certificate is obtained in advance from the pharmacy that handles the prescription. A prescription is required for each drug containing euphoriants, and the certificate is valid for a maximum of 30 days. Certificates can also be obtained for drugs that have already been purchased.

The certificate is free, and you must take the original copy with you on your journey.

Further information
Further information is available at and on the Ministry of Healths web site:

Or you can contact Greenland Tourism and Business Council Greenland Tourism on e-mail: