Coming to Greenland

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The right to travel, stay and work in Greenland depends, among other things, on your citizenship.

Although Greenland is a part of the Danish Kingdom, it is a separate area when it comes to travel and staying. This means that a permit to stay in Denmark doesn't give you a permit to stay in Greenland. And likewise, a permit to stay in Greenland will not give you the right to stay in Denmark.

Even though Denmark is a part of EU and Schengen, Greenland is not. Special rules apply for foreigners coming from a Schengen country. The Danish Immigration Service can give the exact information on this. They can be contacted on the address mentioned below.

The relevant authorities in Denmark make rulings on permits to stay and work in Greenland in accordance with the Greenlandic Foreigners Act. The rulings are made in Denmark because the Foreigners Act is a matter of the Kingdom of Denmark.

The relevant authority in Denmark:

The Danish Immigration Service
Ryesgade 53
2100 København Ø

Tlf. (+45) 35 30 88 88









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