New Year reception at the Greenland Representation in Copenhagen

Naalakkersuisut - the Greenland Government New Year reception held at the Greenland Representation in Copenhagen.

The Chairman of Naalakkersuisut - the Greenland Government Kim Kielsen hosted a New Year reception at the Greenland Representation in Copenhagen, Thursday January 12th 2017. The reception is held in two parts, the first one for ministers, diplomats and co-workers, while the other is for the friends of Greenland.

The Chairman for Naalakkersuisut Kim Kielsen among other things said the following in his welcoming speech:

"Step by step we work towards an independent Greenland. The goal is to put Greenland among the nations of the world as a full and equal member. One of the preparations towards this goal is the establishment of a Constitutional Commission, which will be realized this year. But independence will not happen overnight or the day after tomorrow. There are certain people who wish to put a date on our independence. I myself do not. It must take the time it requires to raise our country in terms of increased education, socially and not least in terms of economic development. When we have done so, that our children and grandchildren will have reached a firm foundation to take a position on the future of Greenland."

The welcoming speech.

Pictures from the reception.


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