Karl-Kristian Kruse

Born on September 15th, 1974 in Nuuk. Married to Lona Kruse and has 3 children.


Professional experience

1989 -  Self-employed in fishing and hunting.


Political posts

2017 -          Minister og Fisheries and Hunting

2016 - 2017  Member of the parliament

2014 - 2016  Minister of Fisheries, HUnting and Acriculture

2013 - 2014  Member of the Parliament

2002 - 2005  Member of the municipal council in Uummannaq

2008 - 2013  Member of the municipal council in Qaasuitsup Municipality

1998 - 2013  Member of the village board


Positions of trust

2008 - 2009  Chairman of the Joint Committee of the Joint Group for the fishing and hunting associations in Uummannaq fjord.

2005 - 2013  Contact person for the hunters cooperation with the Nature Institute about prey.

1994 - 2009  Chairman of local fisheries and hunters association (KNAPP) in Niaqornat.


Committee memberships 2013 - 2014

Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture Committee, Vice Chairman.

Family and Health Committee Member.

Plant Committee Member.


Alternate posts

Finance and Taxation Committee.

Audit Committee.

Culture, education, research and Church Affairs.

Mining Committee.

Conservation and Environment Committee.

West Nordic Council.