Members of the Cabinet

  Premier of Greenland

Mr. Kim Kielsen (Siumut)

  Minister of Housing and Infrastructure

Mr. Simon Simonsen (Siumut)

Minister of Finance

Mr. Pele Broberg (Partii Naleraq)
Minister of Industry and Energy

Mr. Aqqalu Jerimiassen, (Atassut)
Vittus Qujaukitsoq Minister of Mineral Resources, Labour and the Interior

Mr. Vittus Qujaukitsoq, (Nunatta Qitornai)
Minister of Education, Culture, Church and Foreign Affairs

Mrs. Vivian Motzfeldt (Siumut)
Minister of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture

Mr. Erik Jensen (Siumut)
Minister of Health and Research

Mrs. Doris Jakobsen Jensen (Siumut)
Minister of Social Affairs and Justice

Mr. Anthon Frederiksen (Partii Naleraq)