Research Policy

Greenland research policy

The research policy activities fall within the main areas of research promotion, research cooperation and networking, as well as dissemination of the research results.

The Research Policy Statement and Action Plan are designed to describe targets for research in Greenland and proposals for a number of research focus areas. Overall, research conducted in Greenland must:

  • Contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the population
  • Actively be employed in social development, support the sustainable development of the country's resources, and engage in solving challenges in the community.

The statement must, inter alia, identify recommendations from research institutions and research councils in order to achieve objectives set by Naalakkersuisut. In particular, this will be obtained:

  • Through national research institutions
  • In cooperation with Danish and foreign research institutions and organizations
  • Through Greenland's participation in international research cooperation.

International research cooperation

There is still increased international interest in research in the Arctic, particularly in the areas of environment, climate, natural resources, social development and geopolitics.

In addition to the Nordic countries, the number of nations showing interest in research in the Arctic is increasing, and a number of these countries have created polar research centers or research institutes dealing with the working conditions in the polar regions.

Greenland and Denmark also participate actively in a wide range of international networks, organizations and committees that deal with the Arctic region.